Audi is testing two-way charging for its electric cars

Audi is testing two-way charging for its electric cars

Audi and the Hager group have joined forces to develop two-way charging between the German brand’s electric cars and a domestic electrical installation. The objective is to ensure that the vehicle is an integral part of the electrical network and can store and return energy to the home when necessary.

According to Audi, this system would be particularly useful for its customers who are equipped with solar panels since their electric car will be able to store the electricity produced at home while the sun is shining and to restore it during periods when it is not. is not the case.

“The battery of an Audi e-tron could supply an individual house with energy for about a week independently,” explains Martin Dehm, technical project manager for two-way charging at Audi. The deployment to the general public of this feature has not yet been mentioned.

The ring brand isn’t the only one exploring the potential of two-way charging. This is notably the case with Renault, which has been experimenting with the device on a large scale in Utrecht (Netherlands) since last year with a fleet of 15 Renault Zoes, all equipped with V2G (vehicle-to-grid) technology. Nissan started testing in 2017 in Denmark which subsequently extended to the UK.

Recently, it was discovered that Tesla has integrated a two-way charger in the Tesla Model 3 and presumably also in its new Model Y SUV. The American manufacturer has not yet confirmed this information.

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