Keep Your Kid Safe from Food Poisoning – Use Insulated Lunch Bags

Keep Your Kid Safe from Food Poisoning – Use Insulated Lunch Bags

Kids grow up quickly and we don’t realize till the day they start going to school. While at home, you can give your kid the best nutrition and homemade food instantly. However, once the kid is at school, you keep worrying about the food he eats.

It is necessary to keep the school lunch safe for the kid to prevent food poisoning. It is proven that food kept in lunch bags without coolers contain more bacteria than food kept in the cooler bags. You might think that it is not a big deal if your kid carries a normal lunch bag to school, but that is the cause for all the food poisoning and fever your kid might be experiencing.

The lunch break of every school is almost five hours after they leave home. If the food is kept at room temperature for so much time, it gives way for the bacteria to multiply. It is said that the bacteria to grow, time, moisture, food, and the temperature is needed.

As a parent, you must know how to keep the food fresh. Well, if you don’t, we are here to help you. According to a survey conducted by the NSW Food Authority, on a sunny day, sandwiches packed in a non-insulated bag had more bacteria than the ones kept in the insulated bags.

Tips to pack your kid’s lunch

  • Use Insulated bags: Insulated bags keep the food fresh and healthy. They come in different types. A lunch tote bag is the perfect one for your kid. You can also customize it by adding the kid’s name on it to avoid mixing up of lunch bags.

The kid might not wish to take a boring looking bag with too few prints and colors, in such cases, you can buy printed insulated cooler totes. They look nice and colorful and your kid might be happy to take them to school.

  • Pack Ice bricks or frozen bottles: You must make sure that the food is cool and safe. For that, you might have to pack some ice or ice bags along with the food. Keep note that you place food above the ice pack.
  • Pre-chill: Pre-chill your food before packing it in the lunch box. Pack it when it is ready to serve. Make sure you don’t leave space and fill it with water bottles if necessary.
  • Do not pack: Foods like whole fruits, meat, hard cheese vegetables, spreads, and a few more, do not require ice packs or bricks. Make sure you pack them separately.
  • Keep out of the sun: You must ask your children to keep the lunch bag in a shaded area. A locker would be the best place as it is cool and dark. The ice might melt on a sunny day if it is kept outside for a long time. It is the best you can do to avoid a mess.
  • Pre-plan your kid’s lunch: As deciding on a kid’s lunch keeping all the rules in mind might be a task for you, you should pre-plan a week’s schedule for every day’s lunch. Involving your kid in the planning will definitely help you.