Take A Shower In Your Well-Designed Bathroom – What To Avoid While Renovating

Take A Shower In Your Well-Designed Bathroom – What To Avoid While Renovating

Your bathroom needs to be well-designed with the right layout. It is the first step you make when you renovate your home. A good shower can give you a good vibe. It is said that you get the best ideas while you take your shower. Well, everyone wants to dream about their success in a shower instead of tripping and falling in the bathroom.

If your bathroom is not well-designed, you might either get a backache or break your leg. It is one of the most crucial works when it comes to designing and renovating. You must always consult an experienced designer to avoid renovation nightmares.

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Mistakes you make while renovating your bathroom

Here are some things you might want to avoid doing while remodeling your bathroom.


Lack of ventilation in the bathroom might lead to suffocation and breathlessness while showering. People tend to ignore bathroom fans while renovations. A bathroom fan allows ventilation and reduces condensation which will prevent bubbling on your ceiling paint. If you don’t have other means of ventilation in your bathroom, you must buy a good quality bathroom fan.


Your bathroom must have proper space for a person to fit in. Imagine your cabinet door bumping on your pot when you open it? Well, the first thing you must think is about spacing. Just looks never matter, be it a person or your bathroom. A comfortable bathroom has a good amount of space and ventilation.


Proper lighting gives positive vibes. The first place you go to as soon as you wake up in your bathroom. If it is dull and depressing, your mood will also get discouraging and saddened. If you want to be happy all day, try fixing the lighting problem in your bathroom. A bright bathroom with mirror lights and pot light will give your morning bright and happy.


A drain in the wrong spot will make your bathroom slippery as the water will not flow out. You must check the lineup of the existing drain before you purchase your bathtub or a shower. The common placement of the drain is either in the left, right, or center.

Wrong Materials:

You must choose non-slippery tiles and high-quality primers and paint for your bathroom to avoid injury and paint from peeing off. The materials should match the design. If your design is a modern one, you must choose light paint, stylish faucets, modern lights, and other materials.

Old Fashioned design:

Since you are renovating your bathroom, you must make sure that you follow the trend while remodeling it. When you are investing in rebuilding a bathroom, it becomes a long-term investment. You must make sure that your design lasts long.