Do You Know How Can You Prevent Drain Clogging?

Do You Know How Can You Prevent Drain Clogging?

Blocked drains can always be a messy situation that every homeowner would like to avoid. Therefore, it is essential that they should know how it can be prevented, so that such situation may never arise.

In this article, we shall discuss about few things that every home owners must practice so that they do not have to face blocked drains Sydney too often. However, in spite of that if you face this problem then you may contact WILCO plumbing services.

Following are few actions that you must take for preventing frequent drain clogging.

1. Use sink strainers

This is a small metal mesh available easily in the market that can always be placed over the plugholes of your drain to protect it. This will only let water to pass through and prevent any larger items to enter into the drainage system.

2. Avoid pouring grease or oil in the drain

Any kind of cooking oil or greasy item may get solidified after they enter into the drain in due course of time and can block the drain pipes. This can block your drain flow. Therefore, make sure that you do not pour them down the drain.

3. Watch what you are flushing in the toilet

Often children at home tend to throw their toys either intentionally or by mistake. This can create a serious blockage in the drain. Also you must avoid throwing any other unwanted objects in the toilet flush instead of your trash can.

4. Use suitable cover for drain

Your drain must always remain covered so that no unwanted object may enter into the drain. Particularly, if your home is surrounded by trees then during fall season, tree leaves may get into drain and create blockages.

5. Drain hot water after each use

Particularly in the kitchen, there can be many oily substance that may be drained through basin sink which is often unavoidable. Therefore, prefer to drain hot boiling water after each use then your oily item will not get solidified within pipes.

6. Drain baking soda and hot water

You must be aware that baking soda is very good cleaning agent, and also it is great for absorbing all foul odours and leave your drain pipes with good smell. So, time to time you may drain baking soda followed by hot water to keep your drain clean.

7. Drain vinegar

Another very common kitchen item, vinegar is also quite good drain cleaner. It is an excellent organic cleaner and can clear various clogs of the pipe. You can use vinegar, baking soda followed by hot water time to time to keep your drain clean.

8. Brush hair before taking shower or bath

Hair is another item that can block your drain while you take shower. So, always brush your hair before bathing, so that hair will not flow while you are bathing.

9. Avoid dental floss

Avoid using your flush to throw your dental floss that can often be a reason of blockage.

10. Avoid throwing feminine hygiene products

Feminine hygiene products can create a serious blockage and never throw them in toilet flush.