How to Deal with The Procedure of Getting Nose Piercing?

How to Deal with The Procedure of Getting Nose Piercing?

In the recent years, nasal piercings have become extremely common to the extent that it’s usually compared to only having your ears pierced. However, while getting your nose pierced, there are some other things to remember. That, for one, it hurts. Less for sure, but it’s a little more uncomfortable for most people than having your ears pierced.

The pain – how much and for how long?

Piercers frequently equate the discomfort of having a procedure done with your eyebrow wax or receiving an injection.  It is a mixture of slight sharpness and friction still it is done incredibly quickly.

For the actual piercing process, most of the piercings are said to hurt for less than a second. Although you might get a minor soreness in the later on days, but usually, it’s so slight that you won’t recognize it until you hit the nose during everyday activities.

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How to go about the procedure

  • Looking for a piercer – The piercer should function from a skilled piercing facility. Choose someone you are secure confronting with doubts and questions. Additionally, to get an understanding of the piercer’s skills as well as the jewellery range, you might start looking at social media messages and online portfolios.
  • Go to a decent studio – The required licenses and permits should be shown for a successful piercing service. The piercer should also have a license if licensing is necessary for your country. Ensure that they have an autoclave sterilizer with respect to the atmosphere of the lab and can include the bacterial test results, which are used for assessing the efficiency of the sterilization procedure.

The autoclave needs to be checked at least every month and the clothing, needles, and equipment required in the process need to be freshly sterilized for use or sterilized in advance and placed in locked pockets used during service.

What to do when the piercing is infected?

The threat of an infection is one of the greatest dangers inherent in having a piercing. Your vulnerability can be reduced with due treatment. Even, just in case, it’s necessary to know how to recognize the symptoms of infection. Ask your piercer immediately, if you find that your nose is as follows:

  • Red Color
  • It is hot when you touch it
  • Pain or scratching

These may also be signs of the course of natural healing. If they don’t occur until 10 days after the piercing, these symptoms are more likely to be linked to an infection. Contact the healthcare provider right away if you tend to experience any effects, such as nausea or fever.


If you change your mind, you may practically remove the jewels. However, if you’re already in the healing time frame, the safest thing is to go back to the place where you got your nose pierced and ask them to help you.