What Are the Different Forms of Bariatric Surgery?

What Are the Different Forms of Bariatric Surgery?

If you have to shed weight, Bariatric Surgery can help you. It is ideal for obese patients to attain a healthy weight. There are different forms in which Bariatric surgery is performed. If you are planning to get this surgery, then you need to consider various factors to find the right one.

In this article, we will discuss the various types of bariatric surgery to find the best one.

Open Bariatric Surgery

This type of surgery involves making one large-sized incision in the abdomen. It is a better option for a specific type of person. If you have high obesity levels, have complicated medical issues, or have performed stomach surgery then you are the ideal contender for open surgery. BMI Of Texas is a leading gastric bypass surgery in San Antonio. It helps people attain a safe and gradual reduction in body weight.

Laparoscopic surgery

In this type of surgery, several small-sized cuts are made in the body. Later, a thin surgical tool with a tiny scope is inserted through the cut. The scope is connected to a camera that projects pictures onto the monitor.

This surgery leads to fewer risks and quicker recovery as compared to other types of surgical operations. It causes less scarring and pain associated with open surgery.

Laparoscopic Gastric Band Surgery

The surgery involves putting a ring with an inflatable band surrounding the top of the stomach. This forms a small-sized pouch. The surgeon can increase or decrease the size of the pouch by either eliminating or adding the solution via a small device. The band has a balloon filled with a salt solution. It makes a person fuller with less food.

A person who undergoes the surgery has to go perform various follow-up visits for the adjustment of the opening of the band. The FDA has agreed on the use of this surgery for people who have a BMI index of 30 or more and suffer from health issues such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Gastric Sleeve

This surgery is also called vertical sleeve gastrectomy. It is an irreversible type of surgery that causes a certain section of the stomach to be removed permanently.  Here a surgeon takes out the major portion, leaving behind only a banana-shaped area of the stomach. This area is enclosed with staples.

Due to the reduction in stomach size, only a smaller amount of food can fit inside the stomach. This surgical process impacts the appetite, gut hormones, and metabolism in the body. Taking out part of stomach can affect your gut hormones or gut bacteria. This may affect your appetite and metabolism.

Gastric Bypass

This surgery is performed in two ways. Firstly, the surgeon forms a tiny pouch on the upper section of the stomach and creates a small pouch. The staples make the stomach smaller. So, it gets fuller with less amount of food.


All these strategies aim at losing bodyweight. However, not every type of surgery would be appropriate for every person. It is important to understand these types and get an opinion from the doctor to find the most appropriate one.